Pure Charity or how to make your shopping count

Today’s post is a little different than my usual content, but I’m sharing with you something I am so excited about, it is keeping me awake at night.

Most of you pop in and out for a recipe and may not even be aware that Simple Bites is part of a bigger network of sister sites. Well, Simple Living Media is our umbrella and we’re fortunate to collectively receive over one million visits every month. Yippee!

We recently decided it was high time we started to use our impact for good. As rewarding as it is to be a pro blogger, what is the significance of it all if you don’t give back at some point?

So…as Tsh shared on Wednesday, SLM is partnering with Compassion to sponsor a Child Survival Program in Ethiopia! Yes, all of us as a community, passionate about living simply, are helping mamas in Africa so their children can simply live.

My friends, some things are more important than Christmas cookies, and this new project makes my heart swell with happiness.

Read on to hear how my online shopping helps to fund our CSP through an amazing program called Pure Charity. Then, find out how you can join in. Please, please do.

Let me quickly share how I got a chunk of my holiday shopping out of the way AND made my first donation to our Child Survival Program. Crazy talk, I know, but it is all made possible by the awesomeness that is Pure Charity.

For example, I’m attempting to decorate for the holidays with two rowdy boys, a crawling baby, and two cats – all who significantly lower the life expectancy of my ornaments/decorations thanks to their enthusiasm/antics. In hindsight, I purchased these cute felt ornaments that I found discounted on West Elm.com and voila, I was one step closer to safe and super cute holiday decor.

But here’s the really cool part, a percentage of my purchase went to my Pure Charity giving account because I first clicked on those shops through their portal. At West Elm, 3% of my total goes to Pure Charity. At other online stores it is even more!

Watch this short video from Pure Charity—it explains the brilliance behind how our purchases can help support whatever giving project we want.

This set up suits me just fine, as I am an online shopping enthusiast. Whut? I get to avoid the crowds and cashier line-ups and I don’t have to brush the snow off of the car or pay for parking? Shopping from home is the best ( I found those holiday dessert plates in the top photo at West Elm, also. Cute, right?).

Pure Charity makes giving so easy for us! Simply install the Internet browser widget to be notified when you’re shopping at an affiliate, and also register your credit card. This way, all of your Christmas shopping at most major retailers (such as Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, J Crew, Shutterfly, etc.) will give you a percentage of your purchase back – right into your Pure Charity giving fund.

See how your everyday spending can now help fund projects that matter for the duration? One of the coolest set-up ever, in my opinion.

Ready to get a Pure Charity account to join us? 

Here’s what I’d love for you to do:

If you haven’t yet, please head here and sign up for a free Pure Charity account. By using this link provided, you become part of SLM’s advocate network (this way, you can easily follow me and other people who want to help support this CSP!).

Then, you can start shopping. Do this one of two ways:

1. Head here, click on “Shop Online,” and you’ll see the varied list of partners. Places where you probably shop anyway!

2. Or, you can also install the plugin for your Internet browser. Then, whenever you’re at one of the partners’ sites, you’ll automatically see the Pure Charity logo on the site. That means a percentage of your purchase will automatically go to your giving account.

(Note: sometimes stores will disable the plugin for whatever reason, particularly during the holidays. So if you don’t see the Pure Charity logo on the site, use the first shopping method, mentioned above.)

If you sign up NOW, then your online Christmas shopping through Pure Charity’s participating stores will bless our Ethiopian village. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Phase One: $6,250

This Child Survival Program requires $25,000 annually to operate, so Compassion has divided its needs into four phases. Phase one needs to be completed by February 28, 2013. Together, we can do this, I am confident.

Now, if you just want to give to the CSP, you can do that too! Head here, and click on “Fund This Project” and you can give $5 or more RIGHT NOW to these mamas and babies in Ethiopia.

Lastly, will you also help me out and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, please? Email people. Even pin it on Pinterest, whatever you can think of. The more people that get involved, the better. (If you click on “Invite Friends” from your Pure Charity dashboard, you’ll see the link to share on Facebook!)

This is one easy way to make your family’s spending really, truly matter. I would love it if these beautiful Ethiopian families were cared for through Compassion because of the readership here.

Thank you for reading!

Any questions about Pure Charity? Compassion International?

Disclosure: Pure Charity enabled me to get started on my holiday shopping and facilitate this post.

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  1. Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies says:

    I really dig that I can shop at retailers I love and still contribute. I’ve got a few folks left on my list, so off to get started now!

  2. It’s really nice that you can shop this way year-round, not just for the holidays – don’t get jealous, but I’m already done with my small amount of shopping!

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