Eat Well, Spend Less: How to Store Pantry Food for Maximum Shelf Life

Back by popular demand, our series, Eat Well, Spend Less, will be returning once a month.

We all know the benefits of a well-stocked pantry. It’s essential for menu planning organization, helps maintain a healthy diet full of real foods, and saves you money by allowing you to stock up when food items are on sale.

But if food is not stored properly and is allowed to spoil, where is the value in buying in bulk? None whatsoever. That is why it is important to know how to store pantry food for maximum shelf life.

Waste in the average North American kitchen is at an all-time high. The numbers are shocking. Too much food is being thrown away. Is it coming from your kitchen? If so, you may be eating well, but you are certainly not spending less.

In the theme of our continuing Eat Well, Spend Less series (spearheaded by the whip-smart Jessica) I thought we’d take a look at keeping all those groceries fresh and properly stored, and thus, keep more cash in our pockets.

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Salute Spring! Series Recipe Round-Up

Last night I tossed thick spears of asparagus in olive oil and grilled them on the barbecue until slightly blackened and tender. I could happily eat this spring side dish every evening for the next few months – at least until the local sweet corn arrives.

All this week we’ve been featuring the season’s best produce in our Salute Spring! series. Five girls brought you five ingredients and five snappy recipes. Here’s a quick recap, followed by a round up of plenty more recipes featuring the same lineup of spring produce.

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Salute Spring! Asparagus (Recipe: Cream of Asparagus Soup)

Join us as we Salute Spring with a week-long series featuring the finest fruits and vegetables of the season. Written by Katie Goodman

Spring is here and so is one of my favorite vegetables – Asparagus!

Asparagus has been one of my favorite vegetables for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I recall times and the family dinner table where my siblings would sneak their stalks onto my plate as my mother’s back was turned.

I remember eating asparagus and loving it even before entering kindergarten, which is saying something because I’ve yet to get my kindergarten-er to try even a bite!

Before you go purchasing asparagus, there are a few things to consider: Asparagus Season; Selecting and Trimming; and Simple Ways to Enjoy Asparagus.

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Salute Spring! Strawberry Salad with Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing

Join us as we Salute Spring with this series featuring the finest fruits and vegetables of the season. Written by Cheri of Kitchen Simplicity.

Strawberries. The name alone makes my mouth start to water. When they’re in season they can be as sweet as candy. Except so much better.

Here in Norway, they’re one of the first fruits to show up in the produce aisle (even before rhubarb!) when spring rolls around, a sure sign that summer is on it’s way.

I have an early childhood memory of stumbling upon some wild strawberries on the top of a hill. They were so teeny tiny but I remember them being the best strawberries I had ever tasted. I’m sure in the mind of a four year old discovering wild strawberries and picking them on your own automatically qualifies them as tasting The Best!

That’s why this year I’m planning on taking my son strawberry picking. We live in an apartment and therefore don’t have a garden and I would love for him to experience the wonder of picking and eating something for himself.

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Salute Spring! Artichokes 101 {Recipe: Quinoa-Stuffed Artichokes}

Join us as we Salute Spring with a week-long series featuring the finest fruits and vegetables of the season. Written by Shaina of Food for my Family.

A few years ago I got a bee in my bonnet and decided that the jars of artichokes I was purchasing at the store just weren’t fulfilling my true love and desire for them. I loaded up our cart with the round globes and headed home, completely unsure of what to do and with my husband doubting every step I took towards my artichoke creation.

The man who grew up on a meat-and-potatoes diet in a small Midwestern town had unpleasant experiences with so-called “odd” foods in his childhood and was not opposed to eating them, but wholly opposed to having someone unskilled preparing them for fear of ruining the meal.

However, I did not let his nay-saying stop me. I pressed forward, blanching and then grilling my precious green flowers and serving them up alongside a homemade aioli. I showed the kids how to peel off the petals and scrape them with your teeth and then waited, saying nothing more.
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