Weekend Giveaway: Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Emily!! Emily you’ve been notified via email. Thank you to all who participated!

Today weekend giveaway is for four dozen reusable canning lids from Tattler!

We just talked about getting our act together for the canning season, and getting equipment organized before starting was a key step! I’m including reusable canning lids from Tattler in my essential canning equipment because they are BPA-free and can be used over and over again. Less waste and better for your health? That’s right!

If you’re just hearing about Tattler, why not keep in touch with them on Facebook?  They occasionally offer discounts through the Tattler Facebook page, and it’s also a good resource for information about their products.

You can also keep up with them on Twitter at @tattlercanning.

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Lower the iPhone and Wear a Smile: My BlogHer Food ’11 Recap

It’s not easy to get away in the spring, but last weekend Danny and I put our garden plans and yard work on hold while we jetted South to Atlanta for four days. The occasion? Our ninth wedding anniversary. The event? Blogher Food ’11.

Now, I know that’s not exactly a romantic getaway and most men would run at the thought of crashing a party of 400 or so women, but my husband is not your typical guy and we made the most of the weekend. In the mornings we scoured the city for the best coffee  (Octane, if anyone is wondering), during the day he golfed with friends while I attended BHF, and in the evenings I had a hot escort to the parties. Yep, we hit ’em all.

It was the best and I can highly recommend attending these notoriously draining conferences with someone who can make you laugh, rub your tired shoulders at 5pm – and even iron your blouse in a pinch. After nine years married, Danny still does that and much more.

But this is supposed to be my BHF recap. Yes, I’m straying away from recipes today to give you a glimpse of what goes on at a food blogger’s conference. Grab your Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Canon 5D, Venti Starbucks and let’s go!

Just kidding, you don’t need any of that stuff. Just wear a smile, and don’t be shy to introduce yourself.

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BwoB: Help for Joplin, MO (and an update)

Bloggers without Borders (BwoB) is a blogger-based charity whose mission is to help people—bloggers and readers alike—by harnessing the good will of the blogging community. Its founders are Maggy Keet of ThreeManyCooks, Erika Pineda-Ghanny of The Ivory Hut, Julie Van Rosendaal of Dinner with Julie, and Aimee Wimbush-Bourque of Simple Bites. BwoB officially launches in July 2011.

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How Meat Fits Into a Sustainable, Ethical Diet

Written by Shannon of Nourishing Days.

There is a scene in the film Food Inc. in which a seemingly nice guy is interviewed about his giant confinement feed lot. In that interview he states that if the consumers were to demand ethically-raised meat, the farmers would change their practices to meet that demand.

In other words, the power is in our hands. Every dollar we spend on factory-farmed meat is a vote to continue that method of farming.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually feed my family meat every day. I have learned that our family is healthier with meat in our diets, but we try to avoid conventional meats at all costs and I try to serve a lot more vegetables with tons of nourishing fats as a large part of our meal.

Walk into a grocery store, though, and you’re likely to be staring at labels with claims that could mean just about anything, and often not what you might think.

The truth is, these labels are about tricking you into thinking animals live happy, carefree lives when nothing could be further from the truth. To find good meat… real meat… you have to outsmart the labels and beat them at their own game. [Read more…]

Homemade Vegetable Stock 101

Your response to my recent post on Homemade Substitutes for Grocery Staples was explosive, encouraging and thrilling. I’m excited that so many of you wish to move away from pre-packaged items and invest in making more pantry ingredients from scratch.

As the comments showed, plenty of you are already on this journey. You are discovering that self-sufficiency is the way of both the past AND the future and are reaping the rewards of home preserved food.

And so, I want to share another really quick, basic pantry staple – homemade vegetable stock. Making your own vegetable stock serves two main purposes: it uses kitchen scraps that might otherwise go into the garbage (or hopefully the compost) and it yields a fragrant broth that is suitable for a myriad of dishes.

Need another reason to make your own vegetable stock? How about to control the sodium content of your food? Added salt: not necessary.

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