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Roasting Vegetables 101: Simple, Seasonal Side Dishes

We’ve been reveling in the recent fall weather; getting out for frequent walks, sitting around the fire down at the back of our property, and relishing the cooler temperatures and lack of bugs. When my husband and I think back to the stress of last fall – buying and selling a house, a sick child, and career shifts – we’re even more grateful for the calm that this season holds for us. Sure, it is busy, but there is a constant peace in our home life now that refuses to be ruffled, even as the bustle of the holidays approaches.

Now that it feels like the autumn chill is here to stay, I like nothing better than coming indoors from invigorating play and cranking up the oven to warm the kitchen – and roast vegetables for the night’s dinner.

Side dishes don’t get much simpler than roasted vegetables. Three ingredients – fresh produce, salt and olive oil – are all that is needed to transform the vegetables from crisper drawer contents to elegant side dish.

The other all-important element? High heat. It brings out the flavors of the vegetables, enhances their natural sweetness, and crisps up the edges into tantalizing bites.
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Two-for-One Meal Ideas (Recipe: Cordon Bleu & Apple Panini)

Written by Cheri of Kitchen Simplicity

Most of us look forward to the schedule of fall. Summer days are a blast but just as with coming home after a long vacation, it feels good to get back into a fall routine. Finding that routine again after finally opening your home planner can sometimes be a little strenuous. We’re not used to the full days and finding time to get supper on the table as well as plan lunches can be a little daunting.

One easy way to plan ahead for those busy days is to make two-for-one meals. What does it mean to make a two-for-one meal? Simple. For each meal you make earlier in the week, you make extra of one item to cut prep time for a completely different meal later in the week.

The prime example of this is a Roast Chicken. The leftover chicken can be used in casseroles, soups, salads and wraps or pretty much any recipe that calls for cooked chicken.

The other benefit to planning two-for-one meals is that there is less waste and you don’t have to stand, staring at your fridge, wondering what to do with the leftovers.
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Spotlight Ingredient: Brussels Sprouts

When the first stalks of brussels sprouts appear at my local market in the fall, I greet them with the same enthusiasm as I do a basket of strawberries in the spring. I can finally bypass the staunch, yet stodgy broccoli and bring home a vibrant green vegetable that I’m excited to cook.

I’ve always loved brussels sprouts, perhaps because my father always took such delight in them whenever we ate them growing up; the British, are, after all, the top consumers of sprouts, and my dad hails from across the pond. Brussels sprout lovers are aptly labeled, lovers, and most can wax poetic over the little green sprouts all the day long.

Brussels sprouts are easy to identify because they look like little mini-cabbages, which just adds to their charm, if you ask me. These cruciferous vegetables are wonderful roasted, shaved, or on their own as a filling, flavorful side dish. They’re in season for another few months, so let’s take a look at a few ways we can enjoy them during their peak.

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