Good Food for a Crowd (Recipe: Cumin & Oregano Beef Kebabs)

Summer eating calls for food that gives maximum flavour for minimal effort and these garlic and oregano scented beef kebabs deliver just that. They are one of my go-to grilling suppers when I just don’t feel like burgers and make an excellent menu option for entertaining friends on warm June evening.

At a recent backyard barbecue, these recipes stole the spotlight: tender sirloin kebabs that had been marinated in garlic, cumin and loads of fresh oregano. The skewers were sandwiched between grilled pita bread that had been bathed in a pungent garlic-infused olive oil, and the whole thing dressed with fresh tomatoes and slathered with my homemade Tzatziki. I could eat this way all month long!

An assortment of fresh summer salads make the perfect accompaniments to your simple grilling party. Try Grilled Corn & Avocado Salad with Lime & Basil, Classic Greek Salad, or just a mound of marinated tomatoes with shredded basil and a crumbling of feta.

Fresh flavors, little fuss, eating with your hands – that’s what summer dining is all about. I hope you give these recipes a try.

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How to Plan Ahead for Your Fall Garden

Written by Diana of A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa.

It’s definitely the season for radishes, however, the ones in the picture above were harvested in the Fall of last year.

I was really excited to write this post because anyone that follows my blog knows that my heart and passion is in my garden.  It’s my source of therapy and meditation as I sow, tend to and, yes… even pull weeds.

I’m not claiming to always have a green thumb, however, year after year I learn a bit more and for me it was a revelation when I learned about fall gardening.

Many of us are into preserving our own food. This revolution has sparked backyard gardens throughout the nation.  In order to preserve the most amount of food from your garden to carry into the winter months, you need to start planning a Fall garden now.

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Kitchen Safety Tips Everyone Should Review

I’m currently kicking up the surf in Mexico with my family and -count them- fifteen of my in-laws! As my kitchen is temporarily closed, I thought I’d share excerpts from this archival post. It’s an important one and well worthy of a review.

I believe that safety awareness is a very important first step for the home cook, rather like reading a manual before you operate a new appliance. Safety in the kitchen was a topic that was discussed on my very first day of culinary school, although at first I didn’t understand why.

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Weekend Links

We’ve made it to Mexico and are enjoying the brown sugar sands, warm weather and a change of pace. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Simplifying the No-Knead Bread

This is a guest post from Sofya of The Girls’ Guide to Guns and Butter. Welcome, Sofya!

Growing up in Baku, the capital of then-Soviet Azerbaijan, I was spoiled by an easy access to some irresistibly delicious fresh bread – always made the day you bought it, often still quite hot. From factory-made French loaves to traditional naans that emerged from the tandoor ovens of street-corner operations, these bore no resemblance to the days-old, preservatives-laden packages I was faced with in my Wisconsin town of 4000.

It didn’t take long to realize that to enjoy the quality and the freshness I was used to, I would have to bake bread myself. Since great bread was widely produced and very affordable back home, it was uncommon for a city dweller like myself to know how to bake their own, so I had to learn from scratch.

Over the years, I have experimented with many different recipes – from wild sourdough to various yeasted varieties, but it wasn’t until I came across no-knead that I was finally able to reliably churn out great bread with regularity and ease. [Read more…]