How to Regrow Vegetable Scraps

Even thought my daughter is just six years old, it’s clear that I’m raising a little environmentalist.

Clara carries a bag and picks up garbage on our forest walks, aghast at people who litter. Of her own free will, she turns off the water in the shower when soaping and is keenly aware of water conservation. She wants to know about everything from global warming to water pollution and is fiercely protective of nature.

This simple kitchen project started as a way to demonstrate to Clara how not all vegetable scraps need to end up the compost bin – many can sprout again if given the chance. You all know how I love a good lesson from the kitchen, especially if it promotes food sustainability.

Once you start looking, there are a thousand little ways we can make environmentally friendly choices in the kitchen. Regrowing vegetable scraps is just one of them.

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A New Home for the Holidays

Hello from the other side of the Montreal-to-Halifax journey.

It’s been quiet here on the blog, mainly because over the past month we packed up a truck with all of our belongings and moved our three kids and two cats to an ocean province. For those just tuning it, it was a lifestyle move, a conscious step to slow down and refocus in a place that truly values family over ambition.

I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike and the right words to explain how much this journey from homestead to seashore means to us. I’m still not quite there yet, but I wanted to give an update, especially for the kind readers who have messaged and emailed to check in. Thank you for sharing our excitement and joy. [Read more…]

Montréal Casual Eats

After spending two decades in Montréal, I am saying goodbye to this beautiful, diverse and delicious city. Upon your request, I’m listing my favourite food places in a 4-part series; consider them yours to discover. See you in Halifax. xox

Montréal just might lead Canadian cities with the best casual eats in the country. Diversity, atmosphere, style, flavour, affordability – it’s all here in the unique neighbourhood restaurants that span one end of the island to the other.

If you’ve got twenty bucks and the bravado to take on the construction around the city, virtually any food craving – from pizza to poutine – can be properly satiated.

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Montréal Bakeries & Cafés

After two incredible decades in Montréal, I am saying goodbye to this beautiful, diverse and delicious city. Upon your request, I’m listing my favourite food places in a 4-part series; consider them yours to discover. See you in Halifax. xox

I fell in love and got married in Montréal. I graduated from culinary school in Little Italy and worked for three years at Toque!, the top kitchen in the country. I birthed three children and wrote two books here. This place has shaped me in many ways  – and even given me an accent, according to my mother.

In a new life chapter, however, my little family and I are following a dream and moving to Nova Scotia next month (more on that to come). After fielding requests for many years on my favourite eats around town, I am leaving behind my suggestions for places for you to explore.

From tiny pizza joints to elegant establishments – Montreal is a delicious city. I couldn’t fit every place on one list and so it will be a four-part series: Bakeries & Cafés, Casual Eats, Fine Dining and Markets & Shops. Ready? Let’s head out.

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Happy New Year and looking ahead to 2018

Happy New Year, friends.

I’ve hesitated to write the first post of the year for the very silly reason that I’ve felt pressured to come up with something inspiring. Remarkable! Fresh! The truth is, however, that I’m not feeling hugely inspired these days.

In the past I’ve ushered in the new year with all sorts of challenges and goals – all of which were absolutely sincere, don’t get me wrong. There was a reminder in January 2017 to do small things with great love and I committed to more gatherings around my table. 2016 was the year I invited you to take the Pulse Pledge, and in 2015 I shared 11 healthy family food habits to embrace.

The year before that we talked about 18 healthful snacks, better for you, better for your wallet. I’ve also covered the best foods to stock in your pantry and brought in new lunchbox ideas with 9 Cures for the Midday Blues. Yes, January is a popular month for setting new goals and pumping ourselves up to eat more nourishing, homemade foods. It makes perfect sense – as long as it is genuine.

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