The Postpartum Diet (Giveaway: Parents Need to Eat Too)

I‘ve just wrapped my first week postpartum with little Clara. It’s a tumultuous time, full of euphoric highs spent gazing at one’s perfect newborn, and rock-bottom lows, where the body feels like it was hit by a truck and dragged a few miles.

Taking things one day at a time is the best approach to postpartum recovery, combined with getting plenty of rest and, most importantly, eating well.

Today I’ll share a few of my tips for wise food choices that attend to three important needs following a birth: Physical Energy & Healing, Milk Production & Quality, and Bowel Regularity.

I’ll also share a recipe for Stewed Prunes with Citrus & Cinnamon (amazing!) AND give away a copy of Debbie Koenig’s new book, Parents Need to Eat Too. (Update: this giveaway has ended.)

Oh, I just might throw in a Baby Clara photo, too, since she’s so cute! This post is packed, so read on.

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Surviving the February Food Blahs

There’s nothing very glamorous about food in February. Our barbecue is currently sitting under a mound of snow, and we’re only capable of dreaming of the grilled Caesar salads and cedar plank salmon instead of executing the dishes.

My Popsicle molds are gathering dust as summer treats such as cherry limeade popsicles just don’t fit the bill on a blustery winter day. In the grocery stores, as much as we embrace what’s in season now, the produce hardly compares to the sweet berries and tender greens of summer.

So how does one survive the February food blahs? How do we get excited to cook on these dark, cold days? And what kind of snacks are worth writing home about?

Today I’ll share what works for me and hopefully you’ll add your tips in the comments!

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My Intentional Food-Related Goals for 2012 (Q&A)

Happy New Year! 

I don’t buy into all the dietary hype that rolls around in January. I’ve never had a gym membership, and I don’t diet, period. However, after the holidays, my body starts craving winter salads and hearty soups and I naturally turn to common sense seasonal eating in the New Year.

I think most of us do, whether we are health conscious or not.

The start of a new year is a perfect time to reflect on past eating habits for the future. That’s what I’d love to discuss today.

January is also an ideal time to set a few goals for intentional healthy eating for the year. Below I’ll share mine, and then I’d love to hear yours in the comments.

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Unprocessed Week Recap (Recipe: Cream of Potato-Leek Soup)

To say that our week of eating only unprocessed foods went by without much ruffling of feathers would be a fair statement. If you remember, we had pledged to one week of ‘hard core’ unprocessed eating and the entire month of October as ‘soft core’, meaning we might indulge in chocolate chip cookies or hot cocoa once in a while.

Saturday wrapped our week of serious wholesome eating, and today I’ve brought you the highlights from that week, with a few recipes and tips for beating the cravings.

If you are smack in the middle of October Unprocessed and need a little inspiration for the week ahead, or just want to improve your diet in general, then hit the jump.

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How to Join Real Food and Real Kids

This week my family and I are smack dab in the middle of our little ‘October Unprocessed’ challenge, as inspired by the annual project from Andrew at Eating Rules.

Yes, the chocolate cravings have kicked in, but other than that, we’re feeling excellent and excited about whole foods!

Today I am guest posting over at Unprocessed central, with ‘7 Ways to Survive October Unprocessed with Kids. Whether or not you are participating in the challenge, this post is for you. I also give a recipe for Maple Apple Chips, a great grab-and-go snack that is helping to stave off the sugar cravings.

My tips are for anyone who wishes to increase whole foods in the family diet and successfully move away from highly processed products.

From the post:

“Participating in ‘October Unprocessed’ is one way to build a healthy food culture. Why? Because it narrows our food choices down to real, whole foods. Food should be recognizable, change with the seasons, and come from known sources – and I don’t mean a supermarket shelf.

While you may think that taking on a challenge such as Unprocessed will be tough on your kids (and partner, potentially), remember that you’re sowing seeds for future healthy food choices. Who knows? This month could be a turning point for your family’s eating habits.”

Head over to Eating Rules to read 7 Ways to Survive October Unprocessed with Kids….

I’ll be hanging out there to take your questions in the comments. Happy Friday!