Summer peas

Weekend links and photos #EatSeasonal July edition

We’re busy rounding up bathing suits, walking shoes, colouring books and airplane snacks as we leave tomorrow for a quick trip to Prince Edward Island.

We’re excited for red beaches, lobster, lighthouses and of course, the home of our beloved Anne-girl. Follow along with our Gentle Island adventures on Instagram! Reception may be in and out, as we intend to explore the rural areas as well as the popular spots, but I’ll be posting photos when I can.

Here’s the #EatSeasonal recipe round-up for July:

And here are a few of my  favourite photos from recent happenings and eats.

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birthday cake

Weekend links and photos: Canning Edition

I was offline much of this week; the weather was too nice to stay indoors and so we camped, hiked, fished and gardened from morning until evening.

As a result, I have a good collection of photos to recap the week, plus a recipe for Danny’s most requested breakfast food. What is it? Read on to find out, but first, a short round-up of must-read articles.

Weekend links – canning edition:

Here’s the week in photos:

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Raised garden beds

Weekend links and photos: Eat Seasonal edition

On a recent morning walk we stumbled upon a patch of wild strawberries. Later that afternoon we drove by our local strawberry U-pick and noticed it was doing brisk business.

Strawberry fever is upon us, which is why half the recipes in my link love feature the sweet berry. Here’s what the #EatSeasonal ladies came up with for June. Inspiring as always!

I plan to remake this fresh strawberry pie and this ice cream cake soon, too. Good thing we have a few birthdays coming up in July.

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steak dinner

Weekend links and photos

So much happened this week that it feels like we went from spring to summer overnight. I guess in a way we just did. Happy Summer Solstice!

I’m busy prepping for our Cousin Camp-Out tonight so I’ll keep this short. We plan on sitting around the campfire on this longest day of the year, watching the fireflies and toasting gingerbread s’mores.

Here’s what made me incredibly hungry this week:

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Weekend links and photos

I know there are more than a handful of dads reading and I want to wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day. Here’s hoping you got to sleep in a little and had your favourite breakfast prepared for you. Enjoy your day!

I haven’t planned anything epic for Danny, but we intend to take good care of him today with our traditional breakfast in bed (no orange juice fiascos this time), a solid back rub, and lavishing plenty of love on him all day. I’ll also give him a break from the less enjoyable parenting duties. He can read the bed-time stories; I’ll change the diapers.

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