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Weekend Links & Photos

This week was split between kitchen days and office days, each as furiously busy as the next.

A few book tour dates are shaping up with several more to come, and those details are getting sorted out as time marches on toward my cookbook’s release day. It’s exciting and a little terrifying. It’s definitely happening.

Just a quick reminder to say that if you did pre-order Brown Eggs & Jam Jars (thanks!), you can take advantage of the Bonus Recipe Bundle that is my gift to you. It has these eight, all-new recipes and they are sure to become your new favourites.

BEJJ Bonus recipe bundle

Here’s what made me hungry around the web this week:

And here’s a glimpse of our January so far…

cream puffs

Cream puffs for Sunday dinner dessert. Made by friends, enjoyed by all.

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Weekend links {Eat Seasonal edition}

We’re all officially on Christmas break here on the urban homestead and it feels positively splendid.

Little Clara is on the mend and almost back to her old self. The school backpacks are stashed away for a few weeks, and we’re even sleeping in a little. Incredible! This week will be slower, wrapping up a few projects for Christmas and easing into the holiday fun.

My favourite links this week are from my fellow group of bloggers who love to celebrate the seasons through local fare. The #EatSeasonal gals have an incredible line-up of drinks, salads, sides and main featuring everything from brussels sprouts to butternut squash. There’s plenty of inspiration for this week’s menu plan, so hit the jump to read all about it.

PS. Our Bite this Book giveaway winner is Sharon Holbrook. Congratulations!

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Weekend links and photos

This week was a blur, packed with a never-ending to-do list before I pack my bags and fly.

That’s right, today I head East over the Atlantic for the first time since my honeymoon. I’m off to London for a few days with my sister. We’re going to have some much-needed girl time together over afternoon tea, fine art, and cathedrals views. We’ll also attend a holiday event with the one and only Jamie Oliver, so be sure to follow along on our adventures on Instagram!

I’m feeling festive these days, as demonstrated by today’s link love:

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Weekend links and photos

I couldn’t toggle my schedule this week enough to get a second post published, but I felt good about giving one of my most personal stories a bit more time in the spotlight.

Thank you all for the warm (and tender) response to my post on returning home and salmon spawning. Your comments were incredibly touching and showed me I’m not alone in feeling that tug of homesickness after so many years.

Many of you are prepping for Thanksgiving this week and you are in my thoughts. The questions are already rolling in, and I am delighted to answer them, so please don’t be shy. If it were me, I’d make the simplest turkey ever, perfect mashed potatoes, these brussels sprouts and this butternut squash gratin. Done!

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apple chips

Weekend links and photos

This weekend I moving back and forth between my kitchen and my desk, trying to get ahead in both areas. Somehow a day can hold cake frosting, book writing, photo taking, potty training, dinner making and house cleaning, and the list goes on.

This was supposed to be a quiet month. So much for that. At least life is exciting. Busy, but exciting! Here’s what I loved reading this week:

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