Weekend links and photos

I couldn’t toggle my schedule this week enough to get a second post published, but I felt good about giving one of my most personal stories a bit more time in the spotlight.

Thank you all for the warm (and tender) response to my post on returning home and salmon spawning. Your comments were incredibly touching and showed me I’m not alone in feeling that tug of homesickness after so many years.

Many of you are prepping for Thanksgiving this week and you are in my thoughts. The questions are already rolling in, and I am delighted to answer them, so please don’t be shy. If it were me, I’d make the simplest turkey ever, perfect mashed potatoes, these brussels sprouts and this butternut squash gratin. Done!

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apple chips

Weekend links and photos

This weekend I moving back and forth between my kitchen and my desk, trying to get ahead in both areas. Somehow a day can hold cake frosting, book writing, photo taking, potty training, dinner making and house cleaning, and the list goes on.

This was supposed to be a quiet month. So much for that. At least life is exciting. Busy, but exciting! Here’s what I loved reading this week:

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Weekend links

“At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.”

late night nibbles for two

Weekend links and photos

Yesterday morning the realization that it was already November hit me and I felt a fluttering of panic around my heart.

I spent a portion of the day making lists, arranging events in my schedule and taking a good honest look at what needs to be done before the holidays. Even though Book 1 is well on its way, the outline for Book 2 (!) is due in exactly one month. November is going to require some focus.

Today I’m feeling calm and determined, ready to move forward and finish out the year strong. I’ve put my garden to bed for the winter and I feel a kitchen hibernation coming on. I’ve got a gorgeous recipe line-up for you all, plus a few little surprises, too.

Now, incase you’re feeling less than enthusiastic over this bleak month, here’s some inspiration to get you back in the kitchen.

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Extra-Crisp Pear Lavender Crisp | Simple Bites #dessert #pears #recipe

Weekend links and photos

Today could go in any number of directions.

Applesauce needs to be made and canned. It’s chicken harvest time again. I’d like to get some bulbs in the ground for next year. A dear friend has had a baby and I’m planning to make her a few meals. Or maybe we’ll just take a long Sunday walk…

We have a giveaway winner! Congratulations to Jo of Mama’s Minutia who won a copy of The Kitchn Cookbook: Recipes, Kitchens & Tips to Inspire Your Cooking! A big thank you to all who entered.

Here’s what I loved reading around the web recently:

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