Homemade lunchbox chicken nuggets on simplebites.net #schoollunch

How to make homemade lunchbox chicken nuggets

I first noticed Noah’s affinity for chicken nuggets on our summer road trip. We ate out more on that vacation that we have all year and he never failed to peruse the menu for this rarity in our family diet.

(Side note, why did no one warn me about the risks of taking a new reader to a restaurant? Suddenly, they are acutely aware of menu options. Milkshakes! Sundaes! Side of fries! And where did this sense of entitlement come from? It must be an eight-year-old thing. But I digress.)

I have no clue where his affections formed for this item (they don’t fit into our whole foods diet) , but Noah maintained a steady request for chicken nuggets at any diner, cafe or restaurant that listed them on the menu. I, true to form, stood my ground and played the “while we’re on the coast we’re going to enjoy the good seafood” card, and he had to be content with fish and chips. Oh gee, the hardship of enduring fresh-caught halibut and haddock. Actually, the boys both love fish, and, nugget notions aside, they were easy to please most evenings.

Homemade lunchbox chicken nuggets n simplebites.net #schoollunch

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Homemade Fruit Snacks

How to make homemade chewy fruit snacks

Yesterday my son walked through the doors of his elementary school for the first time. The milestone was bittersweet, of course. He had been going to daycare since he was three months old, but this was different. This was real.

Now that we have a baby in the house, it’s been startling to look at my firstborn. To see how his baby fat is melting away. To see how big his feet are getting as we buy yet another pair of shoes, the ones that take him into that big, unfamiliar school full of strangers.

My son inherited many of my traits, including my sensitivity. Kindergarten was a fraught-filled time for me, and while my son has more experience navigating the social world of children than I had, I want to do what I can to remind him that no matter what is going on during the day, he is loved.

One of the ways I express love is through food, and I thought his entry into elementary school would be the perfect time to expand my homemade snack repertoire. I’m trying to keep his packed lunches as healthy as possible, but we all deserve a treat now and then. These homemade fruit snacks fit both orders.

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checking for eggs

Kids in the Kitchen: Tips for creating a motivational chore chart

There is much I have learned from my mother over the years, and this summer, I pulled yet another one of her super smart parenting tips out of my back pocket: the sibling chore chart.

If there’s one thing that has been a complete success this summer, it has to be my boy’s chore chart, which has simplified how the small jobs get done around the house and the homestead.

It’s nothing fancy, just some lines and scribbles on a paper that we made together on the first day of summer vacation. Yep, that’s right, we started the holidays with a firm reminder that they have to pull their own weight around the home.

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Attune back-to-school e-book

A free Back-to-School lunch e-book

Since we’ve been back from our road trip, I’ve cast off the lazy days of summer mindset and am hitting the ground running every morning. I’ve been unprepared for the start of school before and don’t care to go down that painfully bumpy road again.

Our  lists of school supplies have been crossed off and the new items zipped into new backpacks. We’ve spent a few afternoons cooking and tucked away some quick dinners in the freezer.  We have a menu plan and the laundry pile is even down to zero. I know.

All that is left to do is to get organized for back-to-school lunches. Fortunately, I’ve got back up for that.

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Fearless Feading tips on simplebites.net

Serving healthy food to your child and still struggling? Here’s why. (giveaway)

Editor’s note: Please welcome Maryann from Raise Healthy Eaters blog as my guest poster today.

Jane served her child (Lila) homemade baby food and let her eat off of her plate. By the time Lila was two, she ate practically everything. But as she approached three, it seemed like a switch turned off and she became more selective and started whining constantly for sweets. Jane didn’t want to bribe her daughter with dessert but it seemed the only way she could get her to eat vegetables and protein. She felt horrible.

The reason health-conscious parents like Jane struggle is because feeding kids healthy food is only part of what it takes to be successful with feeding. When parents run into feeding challenges it’s not their fault, it’s just they haven’t learned to expect them at each stage of development. For example, Jane had a ton of information on feeding babies but when her daughter became a toddler everything changed and she simply wasn’t prepared.

To help prepare parents we wrote the bible on child nutrition:Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School. Our Fearless Feeding strategy helps make feeding kids a source of joy, not fear. This strategy consists of the following three components: what to feed, how to feed and why children act the way they do around food. Let’s take a look.

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