Whole food inspiration from One Simple Change.

12 meals from the whole foods pantry

When you have a well-stocked pantry, the hardest part of a meal is often just coming up with recipe ideas.

Whether you are looking for vegetarian dinners, hearty meat main dishes, or even just a healthy lunch idea, these 12 recipes will put your whole foods pantry to good use.

If you are still looking for guidance on stocking your 2014 pantry, check out these posts to get started:

Now here are 12 meals to prepare and enjoy using those ingredients. Grab a pen and paper and make a menu plan for the week!

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Slow-cooker Christmas Chicken in Milk with Orange, Cinnamon and Savoury // www.simplebites.net

Slow-Cooker Christmas Chicken in Milk with Orange, Cinnamon & Savory

This is going to be short; we’re all busy, and that is kind of the whole point of this recipe.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how many hours you log in the kitchen baking holiday treats or how big lunch was, there are still children/spouses/partners who expect dinner? And not just peanut butter toast, either, but a roast or something equally as impressive.

Sometime they can just like it or lump it, and be thankful for a sandwich, or you can take fifteen minutes out of your day and braise this Slow-Cooker Christmas Chicken in Milk. I can promise you, it’s the best chicken dinner in town.

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Quick Chinese Chicken & Cabbage Noodles on www.simplebites.net #dinner #recipe

Quick Chinese Chicken & Cabbage Spaghetti

What comes to mind when you think of weeknight dinner? A casserole? Pot of stew? A quick pasta?

For us, it changes from season to season, but for now, it looks like this one-pot rice noodle dish with chicken and cabbage. It comes together in abut 15 minutes, and it then scooped into bowls and passed around the table. Extra sriracha for Danny and me, please.

Quick Chinese Chicken & Cabbage Noodles on www.simplebites.net #dinner #recipe

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Pepita Parsley Pesto via SimpleBites.net from Shaina Olmanson

Pepita and Parsley Pesto

It began a few weeks ago, that nighttime chill in the air that catches at the back of your throat, lingering against still bare shoulders, torsos clad in tank tops.

The market stalls piled higher and higher encouraging us to stock up for the long months ahead. My garden, still producing, has started to yellow and turn crisp as a result of the longer, colder nights.

In response to the changing seasons, as if a learned behavior turned habit, I purchase bushels of apples and boxes of tomatoes, and I cut back nearly all of my herbs: freezing some, setting others to dry, and pulsing the rest into pesto to be tucked into the freezer for a dark snowy winter day in the months ahead. [Read more...]

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Butternut Squash Lasagna

I spotted it yesterday while I was turning the earth in the potato bed – the first tinge of rouge on our towering maples. The color in the leaves reflects the drop in temperatures and signals the bona fide start of fall on the homestead.

There are other signs of the change of seasons, too. The potatoes have been dug and stored, and we’ve already had to burrow into the closets in search of fleece jackets and tall boots for our invigorating walks to school and back.

Since the weather has turned chilly, I am prepping less salads and roasting more vegetables. I like to have cooked squash on hand to tuck into foods like mini quiche, soups, and today’s lasagna.

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