Simple Bites Basket Giveaway!

*This giveaway is now closed. A big thank you to all who participated. Check back later today for the winners!*

Have I got a sweet giveaway for you today! Let me tell you, my kitchen counters are looking a whole lot snazzier adorned with these products.

In fact, you may need to clear off your counters and make some room as well, because ONE reader is going to win everything you see here! For real. One lucky reader is going to win all of it – yes, I’m talking about all 5 gift items in the basket – because it’s our first Simple Bites basket giveaway!

We’re not the only ones having a giveaway today, though.  Yessiree, all the other channels on the Simple Living Media community are hosting their own giveaways to celebrate our network launch. So head on over and don’t miss out on your chance to win exceptional products from Simple Mom, Simple Kids, Simple Homeschool and Simple Organic.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

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Welcome to Simple Bites

If you are a Simple Mom reader, you are already familiar with the Simple Living Media mantra: Simple is Best. Here at Simple Bites we want to come alongside you in your kitchen and demonstrate just that. Great food doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy, and it can be so much more than macaroni and cheese.

Our desire is to inspire you in your day-to-day efforts to put wholesome, delicious food on the table for your family. We will provide you with an encouraging perspective as well as practical application on how to manage your kitchen and provide the best for your family—and yourself! Along the way we’ll bring you tutorials, tips and tricks on every subject from preserving food to menu planning, and provide inspiration for both daily meals and holiday menus.

Me? Simple?

I discovered simple in a most unusual place. I had just walked away from a high-stress job in a renowned fine-dining establishment and was looking for something more. Relaxing on my first vacation in years, I found myself at a roadside café just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and experienced one of the best meals of my life—not to mention the biggest surprise. The dishes weren’t composed of delicate foams, trails of powder as well as six or seven other elements; rather they combined three or four bold and utterly fresh Latin flavors to create simple, yet unforgettably great food.

That was the start of my journey toward simplicity. Over the years, through motherhood, home management, four years of food blogging, and *gulp* turning thirty, I’ve learned that simple living is vital to my happiness—and to those around me.

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