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Welcome to Simple Bites, a family-oriented community that believes in the importance of bringing the whole family together around the table on a daily basis.

Our desire is to enable you to prepare unprocessed, nourishing food and foster a desire to eat seasonally and locally. To help with that, we offer a wealth of comprehensive recipes, simple preserving tutorials, and honest tips for cooking with kids. Oh, and we’re kind of jazzed about urban homesteading.

Come here to find delicious recipes, captivating stories, and an encouraging perspective to help you provide great food for your family.

Welcome, and tie on your apron.

Aimee the blogger


Aimée Wimbush-Bourque is the editor, main writer, chief cook and bottle washer around here. She’s wife to Danny, mom of three kids, boss of two cats, and farmer of six brown hens. A former chef-turned modern homesteader and food blogger, Aimée chronicles her family food life from the dining room table surrounded by toy cars and cookie crumbs.

Aimée could never cook without good quality spices, olive oil and sea salt and loves dabbling in gardening, foraging, and canning. When she’s not scrolling through Instagram, that is.

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The Contributors

This team of food writers is hand picked by Aimée and really know their stuff. On a weekly rotation, they bring their areas of expertise to this blog and lend a fresh voice to the content.

  • Allison

    Allison Ruth

    Some the Wiser

  • Courtney

    Courtney Champion

    Cook Like a Champion

  • Danny

    Danny Bourque


  • Jan

    Jan Scott

    Family Bites

  • Marisa

    Marisa McClellan

    Food in Jars

  • Megan

    Megan Myers


  • Shaina

    Shaina Olmanson

    Food for My Family