Kids in the kitchen for FoodRev Day 2014

Food Revolution Day 2014

Kids in the kitchen is a topic I am eager to discuss any day, any where, which is why I am thrilled to be participating in Food Revolution Day coming up on May 16.

FoodRev (for short) is a global day of action initiated by Jamie Oliver to examine what we put into our mouths and what our children are eating. This year’s focus? Inspiring children all over the world to get excited about real food and teaching them to cook from scratch. I am so on board. Are you?

Food Revolution Day

As a mother of three, I’m keenly aware of the importance of cooking good food from scratch and getting kids excited about food. In my own home I’m daily making cooking fun for my kids and inspiring a love of real food that will last a lifetime.

Most days, it seems like such a small impact, though. Sure my 8 year old loves to assemble spring rolls and whip up a sauce (he adorably calls Hoisin Sauce “poison sauce”) and my toddler can identify most vegetables in the market, but what about a wider influence? This blog is part of that, and even more thrilling is joining millions of others in a movement to get kids excited about whole foods.

Hit the jump to read more about FoodRev 2014, learn how you can participate, and, if you’re local, find out where we can meet up at the Montréal event.

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Spring seedlings |Simple Bites

Signs of spring on our urban homestead

A beautiful, balmy weekend saw the last of our snow shrink into small piles and then sink away into the ground.

Early on Easter Sunday morning, I tucked my pyjamas into my rain boots and slipped outside with my camera before the rest of the house was awake. I wanted to hunt for signs of life in a brown backyard.

I found more than I expected – and the parallels between my discoveries and the holiday did not escape my attention. It’s been a long, cold winter. These signs of spring are a resurrected earth rejoicing.

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A simple Easter tablescape

Bring in a little Spring for a simple Easter tablescape

When we bought an open concept house with no basement and no garage, we gave up a lot of storage space. Now everything from bike helmets to painting equipment has to be stashed somewhere under our roof, tucked out of sight.

It’s helped us to frequently reassess our material possessions and keeps us in check at garage sales. Maybe we can buy it, but can we realistically store our purchase? Most everything in our house has multipurpose uses and if it doesn’t get used in a season or two, it is given away.

Because of our storage limitations, I don’t own a lot of holiday decorations that only make an appearance once a year. I tend to decorate with customizable objects such as jars and candles, cloth and elements of nature. They can be switched up to suit the season, are easy to come by, and can be re-used throughout the rest of the year.

Today’s simple Easter tablescape is another example of the same.

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Cobb Salad Sandwich

A round up of recipes featuring eggs

With Easter just around the corner, I’ve got Eggs on my mind. Although grocery stores make it possible to have eggs all year round, Spring is when eggs are naturally at their nutritional peak, which partly explains why they are featured so prominently on the Easter menu.

If you are looking for a way to use eggs as part of your Easter decor, check out this post on  How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally.

If you are looking to understand why all eggs aren’t created equally and how beneficial it can be to buy local eggs this Spring, check out this post on The Beauty of Farm Fresh Eggs and How to Source Them.

And if you need recipes, to fill up the Easter Menu or to use up all those leftover eggs after your holiday guests hit the road, we’ve got you covered. Here are Eight Great Egg Recipes for Spring that the whole family will enjoy!

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Asparagus - Header

Roasted Asparagus with Buttery Lemon Breadcrumbs

Our traditional Easter dinner is looking a little different this year.

My beloved first born’s birthday happens to fall on Easter Sunday, so we’re shifting things around to make space for both special occasions. My sister-in-law is hosting a multi-family dinner on the Saturday night of the holiday weekend, and I’m taking on Easter brunch the next day, reserving dinner later that night for Ben’s birthday celebration.

Seeing as he’s in charge of the menu that evening, I imagine we’ll be dining on pulled pork, poutine, and donuts for dessert, a decidedly un-Easter meal if there ever was one. In an effort to make up for it, I’m planning a buffet of seasonal spring foods for the brunch earlier in the day.

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